Bavaria, Brookville, and Glendale, Saline County, KS

Bavaria is an unincorporated town in Saline County, KS located along highway 140.  It is named after the state of Bavaria in Germany, where Ernst Hohneck one of the original settlers was from.  Barvaria was originally  known as Hohneck, he came to this area in 1862.  Today just a few people live in the town.


Brookville was a cow town that got its start in 1867 after the railroad reached this area.  The town grew quickly as a major cattle shipping point.  Numerous businesses that once thrived were 3 hotels, saloons, furniture store, drug store, elevator, livery stable and 2 lumber yards.  Today there is a junior/senior high school, numerous churches, and a saloon.  The famous Brookville Hotel Restaurant has since relocated to Abilene, KS it is  worth a stop for one of their chicken dinners!




Glendale, Saline County, KS





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