Wilson, Hitshmann, and Black Wolf, KS

Wilson, KS  Grain Elevator


Hitshmann, KS  Ghost Town

Ghost TownDSC01833




Black Wolf, KS  Ghost Town

Black Wolf is situated along the north bank of the Smoky Hill River in Ellsworth County, KS.  It started as a station along the Union Pacific Railroad in the late 1870’s.  The Black Wolf coal mines were located 2 miles south of town and supplied the local people with coal for several decades.  There was a hotel, grain elevator, lumber yard, mercantile, a lime kiln, post office and school.Sitting along the Smoky Hill River, Black Wolf endured numerous floods, the worse was in 1938.  In 1952 The UP depot closed, the post office closed in 1953.  All the remains in Black Wolf are a couple of residential homes, old foundations, a grain elevator and the still active tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad.




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