One of the largest Cottonwood Trees in Kansas

This is one of the largest cottonwood trees in Kansas.  It is located in El Dorado.  Pioneers used the cottonwood as building materials for cabins.  It was not the preferred wood as it is soft, weak, and porous.  It was chosen only when other sturdy woods were unavailable.  They reproduce from the “cotton” that the Kansas winds blow around like snow in the early summer.  Cottonwoods grow rapidly in ideal conditions, reaching 100 feet in 15 years.

Where’s Wylie????? (Look closely)


Can quite reach far enough.  I love those tree huggers:)


4 thoughts on “One of the largest Cottonwood Trees in Kansas

  1. rogerringer

    I know of where the largest cottonwood tree in the state is. But as a community no one outside has ever been told. The owners do not want damage or the traffic that can happen. Cottonwood when stripped of the bark and kept from water becomes as hard as oak. All the buildings on the farm I used to farm for a friend are all framed with cottonwood that was cut and milled on the farm. I have shelves in my room that are walnut that was cut and milled at the same time. This would have been in the 1880’s. The board I made the shelves from was a Christmas present to me one year.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I know I would be the same way, if I had the largest cottonwood tree on my property. Some people now days have NO respect for others property. The cottonwood I photographed is at a business and thankfully they lock the gate when they aren’t there. I certainly didn’t know that about the wood. I just always figured it was a soft wood. And how wonderful that you were given the board that you made your shelves from. That’s old wood.
      I love the wealth of knowledge you have in your head!
      Have a wonderful day. Tell all hello from me and Wylie.

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