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Bazaar and Matfield Green, Chase County, KS

A post office was established April 1860 at Bazaar, Kansas,  in July of 1876 the post office was renamed Mary (in honor of the postmaster’s wife) then changed back to Bazaar 2 years later.    On March 31, 1931 TWA Flight 599 crashed southwest of town, killing all 8 on board, including Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne.  There is a memorial along the Kansas Turnpike and also at the crash site, which is on private land.  With the arrival of the railroad, Bazaar became a major shipping point for cattle.  The school that as built along what is now Highway 177 closed when it consolidated with Cottonwood Falls, and it now serves as a community center.


Matfield Green, KS is named after Matfield, England.  A post office was established here in 1867 it closed in 1995.  Around the turn of the 19th century this was a town of 350 residents.  There was a bank, grocery store, livery and blacksmith, hardware store, flour mill, lumber yard, hotel and schools.  2010 census is 47. Matfield Green is located in the beautiful Flints Hills and there are 2 ranches nearby on the Nation Register of Historical Places, the Crocker Ranch and Pioneer Bluffs Ranch.