Thanksgiving Ice Storm

I had forecasted 90 days ago that there would be snow for Thanksgiving.    It is an old wives tale or something that I read in the Farmer’s Almanac that when you have your first fog you will have your first snow in 90 days (it didn’t say anything about an ice storm!).  That foggy morning, I grabbed the calendar and counted ahead 90 days.  Great, it was Thanksgiving Day.  The day that my loving family would be here for dinner.  Thankfully Thanksgiving Day was the best travel day of the Holiday.  We stayed home for most of the holiday weekend, eating leftovers, playing games, and enjoying being together.  Chris, Courtney, Caden and Camryn are now home safe and sound, our home is quiet, Wylie is resting….. I think I will join him!

We missed the ones who weren’t able to be here with us, I love you my family!!






3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Ice Storm

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thankfully the ice storm didn’t last long and no one lost power. I really didn’t want to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner like a pilgrim!! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to explore your site!!!!! I drove locally, within 300 miles, but that was back in the 1970 – 1990’s. Be careful!

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      1. Pan

        So you’re the one who passed the keys to me 😄 I started in 90 with the travel bug and still have it but now pretty much stay east of the Mississippi.. Both of our careers have seen major changes in the industry and the roads.. But for me, its always been, what you make of it out here.. I still love my job and hope I do for at least 10 more years.. Even if I retire in 5 years, I want to continue part time 😊
        Pleasure to meet you driver 😄

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