Spray Plane

I was on my way to Lucas, the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas, it was their city wide garage sale day.  Now you could count on one hand the times I’ve gone to a garage sale in the last couple of decades, but it was an excuse to go to Lucas.   Guess who I met on the back road today…..

We are on the flight path of a spray plane that is out of a small town north of us.  He roars over our house almost daily this time of year.  Today I came across him spraying a wheat field, was able to get some photos of him working.




Thanks for the flyby.  Be careful up there!!!


My first stop at Lucas.  Aunt Gertie’s Art & Antiques, located across the road from The Garden of Eden.   Her hours are:  Open Friday and Saturday, Maybe Monday – Tuesday – Probably Wednesday – Thursday  She is closed Sunday

I purchased a few pieces for my garden art and a beautiful pink vase for the girls (will look so pretty in the chicken house).  Great little store.


A few more garage sales stops and girl scouts selling cookies. Then home to plant some flower seeds and put my new garden art in the butterfly garden.  I hope you are enjoying your beautiful Saturday.







2 thoughts on “Spray Plane

  1. Jessica Adam

    It’s neat to see those planes close up. My folks live in between a corn and a soybean field, so they see lots of spray planes. It’s always fun to see them circling overhead.

    Garage sales sound fun. Hope you had a fabulous day. 🙂


  2. Pan

    I got a wave from a pilot once that had buzzed back n forth between 2 fields over the county road I was on.. I waved back and tooted the horn.. Train engineers and I have traded toots too.. So funny to be reminded that my air horn is like a whisper in comparison 😁

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