Have a Blessed Sunday

There are so many beautiful abandoned churches, this is St. Joseph’s Church and Cemetery .  Built in 1910 and decommissioned as a church in the late 1980’s  There is an effort to restore the church and it will then serve as a museum for McDowell Creek area a community center.  The Geary County Historical Society and Friends of the St. Joseph’s Church has made many improvements to the beautiful church


The cemetery has burials dating from the 1870’s.



3 thoughts on “Have a Blessed Sunday

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Good morning Pam. As I travel around I’m amazed at all the rural abandoned churches. They are absolutely beautiful, just wished they were still offering services. I’m not a “mega” church, I like the more close intimate surroundings of a small church.
      Have a wonderful day. Love and Miss You guys!



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