Sunday Morning

The day started early, well not really as I’m always up by 5:15, I love mornings.  At that time of day, all I hear are birds, occasionally coyotes, I certainly miss my rooster crowing.  A friend from town brought out a young rooster that someone couldn’t keep, but he turned out to be a she.  She’s a nice young hen, makes a great addition to the flock, Max is now Maxine, still looking for a rooster.  I was happy when I heard the bobwhite quail this morning, I was worried that they were in the brome that was cut.

Mr. Farmer is going to spray the horse corral and needed the round exercise pen taken down.  All he has to do is ask Wylie if he wants to get in the tractor, it’s Wylie’s favorite.  Mr. Farmer designed a seat for him that wraps around my seat, so he has a space all the way around the back of the tractor.  I’m always ready to help out as the tractor has a climate controlled cab☺  Please don’t let me drop all of the panels!


Even with his designer seat, my lap is still his favorite place!



I just put a pot roast in, lunch is at 12:30 if you can make it!  I see leftovers in our future.  Hash, bbq beef sandwiches, enchiladas……….makes for quick meals.


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