Flowers – Woodbine, KS

Woodbine, KS a small town in Dickinson County, KS  Population 170  The town was founded in 1871 originally named Lyons, after a nearby creek.  In 1887 renamed Woodbine, after a town in Illinois.  The railroad also came thru in 1887, ceasing operation in 1980.

Beautiful zinnia garden




Resurrection Lily




School was built 1909 – last graduating class 1962


Rock fence





2 thoughts on “Flowers – Woodbine, KS

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I only wished that was my flower garden! I visited with the lady who lives there, I had thought maybe she left them for seed each year. She said that they clean it up every year and replant from new seeds. She uses a small PVC pipe with a funnel attached to the end and just walks along dropping the seeds in. They were SO beautiful!!



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