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Cold Front

We just had a cold front roar thru.  Instead of the 90’s tomorrow we will be in the upper 70’s and mid 50’s.  The dust is from the wheat field across the road.  I took this photo just as the storm was coming in. I had to go inside as I couldn’t see!!  I can’t imagine what the Dust Bowl during the 30’s was like.  We did receive 2″ of rain!

I hope this is a sign of an early fall.

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Bridges of Butler County, KS

Butler County, KS is the largest county in the State.  It sits on the western edge of the Flint Hills.  Here is a link to different tours for the area.  Please call ahead, as some of the restaurants have closed.

Butler County, KS Tours

These bridges are best photographed from down below.  I always have jeans and boots on, but there were a few places I didn’t want to go thru as there was a lot of poison ivy!  Thankfully I didn’t see any snakes!  Wylie was in his “pouch” for most of these photos!

Bridge #1

Double Arch   Built in 1912  Arches 20′ and 30′


Bridge #2

Built 1897  25′ Arch


This one is my favorite!  I could have stayed here all day, beautiful rock ledge.

Bridge #3

Built in 1900   37′ Arch


Nice reflection of clouds in the water




Bridge #4

Built in 1899  36′ Arch


Bridge #5

Built 1899  36′ Arch  (I don’t think this one is going to last much longer)


Just down the road from Bridge #5 was this old school.

Lily Lake School  1885-1966  (strange place for a cow!)


Looking forward to continuing this tour of Bridges of Butler County!