Whitewater Falls Stock Farm

Traveling the backroads to find an old barn, my adventure took me across this old steel truss bridge.  It’s one of my favorite design of bridges along with the stone arch bridges.  This bridge is across the Whitewater River in Butler County, KS.


Tree lined backroad on the way to Whitewater Falls Stock Farm


In 1879 James Robinson, came to Kansas from Illinois where he was known as “Apple” Robinson because of his success with fruit orchards, he purchased 3,840 acres of land along the Whitewater River near Towanda, KS.  Locals called him  “Wheat” Robinson, as he farmed large amounts of wheat and was the first to grow alfalfa in Kansas.  With his sons he purchased an additional 13,000 acres and in 1884 he began to breed Percheron horses.  By 1911 Whitewater Falls Stock Farm was the largest Percheron farm in the nation.







The young family that lives on the Farm is in the process of restoring this amazing beautiful barn.  Here is the link to their Facebook page.  Whitewater Falls Stock Farm

Donate Here to help restore Whitewater Falls Stock Farm Barn

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