Churches Of The Prairie 11

A beautiful day to find these Churches Of The Prairie

Our Savior’s Lutheran – Norway, KS



Ada Lutheran Church 1884 – Courtland, KS




One of the more unique monuments.



GAR – Grand Army of the Republic was composed of veterans of the Union Army, Union Navy, Marines and the US Revenue Cutter Service (Coast Guard) who served in the American Civil War for the Northern forces.  Founded in 1866, it was dissolved in 1956 when its last member died.





Saron Baptist Church 1877 – Jamestown, KS





5 thoughts on “Churches Of The Prairie 11

  1. Jessica

    Hi! Sorry I’m late! We’ve been out of town. How strange to see an anchor in KS! And, I didn’t know the Coast Guard was called that! My husband served in the Coast Guard (before we met). As always, I love these churches.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I knew you had been gone, can’t wait to hear about your get away!!!
      I was so surprised to see the anchor too. Wow, how cool that your husband served in the Coast Guard, where was that at?
      Those 3 churches from this post were all found in 1 day, that was an amazing day.
      It’s cool and rainy here today. Need to get somethings done inside!

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      1. Jessica

        He was in for 4 years and served in New Jersey, St. Louis, and on Iwo Jima for a year. 💜

        Our get away was to scope out new towns. My husband is transferring with his company and we are moving…

        Love that you found all those churches in one day!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Debra Farmer Post author

        How exciting about your husbands transferring!!! Moving is such an exciting time. So much fun looking for a new home!!! Praying that all falls in place and you are able to sell and find the perfect home! 💕

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