Autumn Mosaic

There is such a bumper crop of milo this year that the elevators are piling it on the ground.  The man whose face was worn from seeing may years of harvest smiled as I told him he was quite an artist.  He replied, “ma’am I’ve never thought of myself as an artist”.








13 thoughts on “Autumn Mosaic

  1. shoreacres

    This just cracks me up. I brought home some photos of the milo, too. I didn’t say anything in response to your comment on my blog, because I’m going to post a couple of images as abstracts, and see if anyone can guess what it is.

    I certainly didn’t know. When I first saw the piles, I thought it might be clay of some sort, or soils. It just amazed me. I stopped farther west, too, where there was both corn and milo piled on the ground. They said they had one million bushels of corn, and 700,000 bushels of milo at that point. It really is absolutely gorgeous — and it tickles me that we both took photos of it!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I love the idea of posting a photo and seeing if anyone can guess what it is! That will be fun to see what they think it is. I came across a crop I didn’t know. I’ve only seen 2 fields of it. I’m going to post it to see is anyone knows what it is. I sent a photo of it to Mr. Farmer tonight, so the mystery might be solved by morning.
      Did you enjoy your trip thru Kansas? I just returned from a ranch in SW Kansas, it was wonderful but it was way too warm for this time of year.
      Did you enjoy your trip thru Kansas?



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