Autumn Crops

Kansas is known for being a wheat state.  Producing 467,400,000 bushel of wheat in 2016.  Kansas also produces milo, corn, soybeans…….

You will occasionally see a field of cotton in Kansas.




I didn’t know what this crop was.  Neither did the Sheriff who pulled up in the ditch with his red lights on, know what it was. (Just checking to make sure Wylie and I were okay.)  Thanks to all the law enforcement officers, we really appreciate you!!!


Standing around 5′ tall


It’s canola.



9 thoughts on “Autumn Crops

  1. thedaintyfarmstead

    Hello from your neighbor to the north! Around here our main crop is corn,beans and wheat, which I’m sure you’re also familiar with, but my question is do they use a combine to harvest cotton? If so, what kind of head do they use on their combine?

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Good morning, I just came in from morning chores and I think you left your north door open! We are having a more seasonal cool morning 43 degrees.
      When they harvest the cotton they use a cotton picker. Some of the machines will even bale it in the field, others will have to be dumped and then put in a compressor to make the bale.
      Have a wonderful day!!

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      1. thedaintyfarmstead

        I guess I could have googled it but I’m glad I asked you instead! Didn’t realize they baled cotton, that’s pretty neat! I’ll make sure I shut that north door tonight! I wasn’t born in a barn but grew up a little too close to one lol!

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  2. shoreacres

    I saw a field or two of cotton in far southwestern Kansas, just before crossing into Oklahoma. And the Texas Panhandle had the best cotton crop I’ve ever seen. It was truly beautiful. A friend who lives up there says they’ll probably be stripping it for another month. For once, I kept myself from stopping to pick up some leavings alongside the road.



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