Big Basin Prairie Preserve – SW Kansas

Located in the Red Hills near Ashland, KS in Clark County is the Big Basin Prairie Preserve.  Owned and managed by Kansas Wildlife and Parks it consists of 1,800 acres, where you will be able to explore a sinkhole that is 1 mile across and 100′ deep, known as the Big Basin.  Big Basin and other sinkholes in the area were formed when layers of gypsum and salt formations dissolved and collapsed causing the sinks.  There is a smaller sinkhole to the east of the Big Basin known as the Little Basin.  Located in the Little Basin is St. Jacobs well.

Big Basin


Buffalo roam free.  Be sure you know where they are before getting out of your car or hiking.








St. Jacobs Well is down this rugged trail.


This pool of water is St. Jacobs well, a natural sinkhole that has never been dry.


Little Basin – St. Jacobs well is the group of trees in the center.






6 thoughts on “Big Basin Prairie Preserve – SW Kansas

  1. shoreacres

    I don’t think I could have done one more thing, but this is interesting, and I’m glad to know about it. I actually got close. I stayed one night in Hugoton, before heading over to the Cimarron Grasslands. Next time!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thank you. I loved that part of Kansas. It a part of Kansas that most people just hurry through. The day Wylie and I were there it was perfect weather, no wind and the temperature was 80. I loved the color of the grasses in autumn, definitely want to go back to see the wildflowers!



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