Churches Of The Prairie 16

Sacred Heart Church – Emmeram, KS  1901

Emmeran, Ks was originally named Norddorf, the town was renamed to Emmeram after the church pastor Fr. Emmeram Kausler.  Sacred Heart Church was built from 1899 – 1901.  The first Mass was offered on Christmas Day.  Closed in 1967 due to declining population.  In 1998 the church was destroyed by a suspicious fire.

Ruins of Sacred Heart Church – 1901


Looking toward the once beautiful altar.










Here is a link to the history of the church Sacred Heart Church – Emmeram, KS


A Little Family Cemetery

As I was traveling on the backroad, I drove past this plot of ground that was fenced by the road, surrounded by pasture.  I sensed that it was something special and looking closer I saw 2 stones peering through the tall grass.


The stones were very worn from the elements of time.  Final resting place of a son and daughter was about all I could make out.




I didn’t feel that it was neglected and abandoned.  It gave me comfort to see that the little cemetery was part of the prairie as they knew it.  Not manicured by mowers, not in the shadows of wind turbines that are now changing the view of the prairie forever, not exposed to the things in life that make it so convenient for us today, also so detached from people right next to us and moving so fast as to not see nature and all the beauty it holds.











7 thoughts on “Churches Of The Prairie 16

  1. shoreacres

    Your photos of the church are beautiful. I especially like the last, farther view. And that little cemetery is wonderful. I just learned this year that, in Texas, anywhere that someone is buried is considered a cemetery, and it cannot be disturbed. (Of course, there has to be some indication someone’s there, like stones.) There is a little cemetery near Schroeder, Texas, in the “V” formed where two roads come together. As far as I can tell, there are only two graves there, but I’m told it’s never been vandalized, and is respected by the state road crews.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica

    Ugh. Fires can be so devastating. Bet that church was a show stopper once upon a time! I love what you said about the 2 stones. The prairie is such a peaceful place. My hunch is, they are right at home. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It was sad that it was destroyed by a suspicious fire. One can understand a wildfire or a lightning strike, but for someone to intentionally destroy such a landmark…..sad. Did you see the link that I posted below the last photo of the church? A link to the family history who donated the land for the church and there are photos of the church.
      Hope all is going well, I know you have lots to do!!!!
      Love ❤️



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