Coronado Heights, Lindsborg, KS

Coronado Heights is a hill, near Lindsborg, KS, that rises 300 feet above the Smoky Hill River valley.  The castle was constructed in 1932 by the Works Progress Administration.  The sandstone Dakota formation holds many fossils that date back millions of years.

Coronado Heights has a beautiful mix of wildflowers (they weren’t in bloom yet, I’ll be back!) Yucca, spiderwort and butterfly milkweed are some of the wildflowers.


2 thoughts on “Coronado Heights, Lindsborg, KS

  1. shoreacres

    Oh, my! Another place I want to go. You know, I passed pretty close to that when I was up there, but of course I had no idea it was there. What a pretty place it will be when the flowers are blooming — I do hope you get to go back and enjoy them.

    Those hills really are pretty — they seem different to me than the Flint Hills. The hills seem smaller, or knobbier. Maybe its the differences in elevation. Very nice.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Coronado Heights is the south end of this chain of hills that runs a few miles. The hills are not connected, there is distance between them that are flat cultivated ground and pastures. Coronado Heights is just northwest of Lindsborg. Such a unique little Swedish town. Plan to stop next time you are close!!

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