7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

      1. Jessica

        She’s amazing. Thank you for sharing something so extraordinary. Who knew that someone even did things like that? Very cool! 💗


  1. shoreacres

    Gosh, she is beautiful! And the story was really interesting. This is a must see when I get back up there. I’ve never paid much attention to articles about “post rock country,” but clearly I need to.

    I was interested to see the name of the article’s author — Tim Unruh. That’s a Kansas name I know — from the Unruh whose name is on the Pawnee Rock monument, to Cheryl Unruh, whose book Flyover People I have. I have one of Dave Leiker’s photos, too — of a wonderful thunderstorm rising up above the prairie. Oh me, oh my. What memories!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      She is beautiful. I can’t tell you how many times I had driven by her without finding her. Was so glad when I finally spotted her in the fence row. You would certainly enjoy the Post Rock area of Kansas. One of my favorite towns is Lucas, quite a unique town. Plan in spending a couple days exploring the area.
      Pawnee Rock was hit by a tornado last night. No injuries but numerous homes were damaged.
      I will look up all the Unruhs!!

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