It’s COLD Out

A quick powerful winter storm moved thru yesterday. Started out with freezing drizzle then changed to snow along with 40 mph winds. Made for some pretty good drifts.

Please use the back door, I haven’t shoveled the front walk.


A great day to stay inside and bake some bread. This is a starter that my mother had used years ago. She gave it to a friend of hers and he has been making bread for years. After she passed away, I called him, he was still using her starter and he gave me some. I bake bread weekly and also make a wonderful chocolate cake. Makes the best pancakes too! I love the end of a loaf for French toast and also make Panzanella salad.

Stay warm

Oh my gosh, I am still learning how to post on my laptop, I think it is easier on the phone (Jessica!).

4 thoughts on “It’s COLD Out

  1. shoreacres

    That photo of the front of your house reminds me of one of my favorite winter stories. We were at my grandparents’ house when a blizzard set in (I was still in grade school — maybe 5th or 6th). When it was all over, the snow had blown in one huge drift across the back door and windows on that side of the house, all the way up to the roof. The ground on the other side of the house was completely bare — nothing but dry grass for several feet. It was astonishing, I’ll tell you — and getting dug out was quite a chore.

    Baking bread — or baking anything — is a perfect way to spend a cold, cold day. That loaf looks wonderful. Still warm, with a little butter? Heaven!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I’m thankful the drift wasn’t as big as the one your grandparent’s had!!! That would be quite a sight to see, snow clear up to the roof. I know we need the moisture badly, but I don’t care for the cold and snow. I’m ready for spring!! I was surprised to see robins and bluebirds right after the winds died down. Holding out hope that the robins know that spring isn’t far away.


    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It is bitterly cold! I imagine you are too.
      I love making the bread and other foods out of my mom’s starter. Nice to have that memory.
      Stay warm. Love and miss y’all



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