It has been a hot dry summer (I don’t like the heat anymore), but a nice change came thru today. 1-1/2 inches of rain this morning followed by a beautiful cool day and more rain this evening. So cool out and it smells wonderful. I won’t have to water flowers tonight.

Early morning rain.

Cool day with amazing sky.

Evening storm rolling in.

15 thoughts on “Relief

  1. shoreacres

    I’ve been wondering how your summer’s been going. Like you, I’m not as fond of the heat as I used to be, and just seeing your wonderful photos is a delight. There’s nothing like those beautiful blue skies, or those glorious clouds. We’re supposed to get a bit of rain today. Even though we could use more than a bit, we’ll be happy for any of it.

    I saw farmers harvesting rice one county south of me last weekend. It won’t be long until the maize and corn are ready, too. (They may already have begun — I’ve not been out and about much.) How are things up there? I hope the crops haven’t suffered.

    How’s Wylie?

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It certainly has been a strange summer weather wise in Kansas this year. Cottonwood Falls area has been in a water watch advisory. Asking them to conserve water. It’s awful to see how many trees are stressed because of the drought. Will probably loose quite a few of them. Western Kansas has had a lot of rain, but there were severe losses to the wheat crop due to hail. Hopefully the fall crops will be better.
      I’m so far behind on reading blogs. Just can’t get use to the laptop, I miss my desktop computer.
      Getting closer to autumn!!


  2. larryzb

    My wife and I were in Texas (Abilene) when it rained early Monday morning, July 30. That did break the heat. It was pretty hot in Texas during our visit – must be having a similar summer to Kansas. Best wishes.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It has been hot here, but I think Texas has been hotter and more humid. Today is warm and WINDY. Good day for indoor projects! Certainly ready for cooler days.
      Were you on vacation?
      Safe travels!

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