More Snow – Photos

I had planned on going back out this morning to get some more photos of the snow covering the trees.  The snow fell so gentle and blanketed the trees, they looked like  flocked Christmas trees – only much better!!  We ventured out early, but the wind came up and it was more like a blizzard, so enjoy these photos from yesterday.

Native (some say invasive, but I like them!) Red Cedar

I don’t know what model this old red truck is, but it was so pretty in the snow.



5 thoughts on “More Snow – Photos

  1. shoreacres

    These are fabulous photos — just wonderful. The one with the truck is especially nice. You should turn that one into a Christmas card! I’ve had photo cards made at Walgreens, and they turned out so nicely. The price wasn’t bad, either. Now that I’ve suggested it to you, I may look at my photos and see if I have something that would make a nice Christmas card. No snow scenes for me, though—too bad!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thanks for the idea for a Christmas card. I’ve never made my own, but that would be a fun project. Be thankful for no snow scenes, it’s COLD here! When Wylie and I were out at 5 am it was 17! Brrr hurry up Wylie

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