Typical Autumn Day In Kansas

It’s a beautiful autumn day, or maybe a winter day. Started snowing early this morning and has been snowing all day.

Snow roses

Dinner tonight won’t be on the patio.

Wylie likes to ride with his head out the window.

Uncut milo

4 thoughts on “Typical Autumn Day In Kansas

  1. shoreacres

    Oh, my. The photos are beautiful, and the one of Wylie made me smile and smile. Will the snow hurt the crop? My thought is that snow’s not as bad as too much rain, especially if it’s a nice, fluffy snow: here today, gone tomorrow. I like Wylie’s portrait best, but I must confess I can’t decide whether the roses or the milo get the #2 honors!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It was certainly a beautiful snow! Not so nice today as there is a bitter north wind.
      If the snow is too heavy it will put the milo on the ground. There is a special header that they use on the combine to pick it up and harvest it. There is still a lot of milo and soybeans to harvest. Opening weekend for pheasant and quail is this weekend. We usually have nice, too warm of weather for hunting, but this year there’s unharvested crops and snow.

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