State Flower

The native wild sunflower is the official state flower of Kansas.

A field of sunflowers that were planted in June will be harvested when they turn brown and dry out.


I like the tall one.  It’s watching over everyone.

Heads are bowed.  Starting to dry out.

Native sunflowers can be seen in field and in roadside ditches.



These aren’t sunflowers, but they are yellow and SO pretty.




9 thoughts on “State Flower

  1. Jessica

    My gosh!! That field of yellow is gorgeous!! That must be something to see. We just came through in SE Missouri near Arkansas and girl, there are cotton fields as far as we could see. It was so beautiful– looked like snow!

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  2. shoreacres

    I knew which flower it would be — I think I remember that many of your highway signs even have a sunflower on them. The flowers in the fifth photo are the Maximilian sunflower. They’re not so common in my part of the state, but they do thrive in Texas, and they’re one of my favorite species.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thanks for identifying the Maximilian sunflower! They are so pretty! When my son comes back to Kansas in the summer, he really enjoys seeing the sunflowers. Every State has such unique and different native flowers. I want to get out to the desert and see the cactus blooms sometime!!



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