Even Flowers Need A Rest

I always enjoy my zinnias out by the chicken house, (which now is just a house as there are no chickens currently living in it.  I do miss them at times, but will not miss the COLD winter days of having to go out and tend to chickens.)  Zinnias, one of my favorite flowers, they are so easy to start from seed and SO many colors from one packet!!


After the first frost they aren’t so colorful.  A post by shoreacres, on her blog The Task at Hand made me feel so much better about my dried up zinnias and the upcoming winter months ahead of us.  Please visit her blog and I hope it can lift you up as much as it did for me.  (There is a link to her blog at the end of this post. )


From Turning Toward the Morning, by shoreacres, The Task at Hand

by Gordon Bok

a portion from his song:  Turning Towards the Morning

It’s a pity we don’t know
what the little flowers know
they can’t face the cold November,
they can’t take the wind and snow.
They put their glories all behind them,
bow their heads and let it go,
but you know they’ll be there shining in the morning.

Please visit shoreacres post Turning Toward the Morning

to see the post and be sure look around her  blog!!

4 thoughts on “Even Flowers Need A Rest

  1. shoreacres

    Even just reading the words to his song, without the music, makes me a little misty-eyed. We’re getting our first dose of real cold (that is, truly freezing cold) this week, so a couple of my flowers are going to at least have to be tucked in a corner out of that cold north wind.

    Your zinnias are so pretty. My grandmother always raised those, and I loved them. Maybe I should try some in a pot. Do you think they’d do well in a pot, or do they need more ground?

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      So thankful that we are “turning toward the morning” because the Arctic air has arrived, maybe tomorrow won’t be so cold.

      Zinnias are certainly an old fashion flowers. They do bring back memories of grandma’s flowers, as do hollyhocks, gladiolus, and numerous others “old flowers”. I have never grown any zinnias in a pot, but there are shorter varieties that could probably do really well.



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