We had the first measurable snow of the season.  It started Saturday night and continued into Sunday for a total of 8″.  Schools were closed, know the kids loved that!

I don’t think we will be dining outside today.

Wylie enjoying the snow, do you think?


Last night fog developed and it made for a beautiful start to the day.  The fog froze on the trees and grasses, I wished I could of captured the beauty of the trees sparkling like diamonds in the sun.

See the moon

5 thoughts on “Snow

  1. shoreacres

    I’m shivering while I look at it, but that’s only because it’s dropped to a nippy for us 45 degrees, and I’m trying to keep the thermostat at 68. More clothes is the answer. But gosh, those photos are beautiful. I’ve always said that if we have to have cold, I’d prefer it with snow — as long as it’s well-behaved snow, like this!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I have never thought of snow as being well behaved. I like that! Well behaved is so much better than snow behaving badly, a blizzard!
      That is cold for your area. Hopefully it doesn’t last long!!
      I did learn that the type of frost that we had is hoar frost, not frozen fog like I thought. It was quite stunning, there was no way I could capture its beauty with a camera.

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