8 thoughts on “Foggy Morning

  1. shoreacres

    Wonderful photos. There’s just ‘something’ about fog, frost, and freezing rain that’s so appealing — even when they make life a little complicated, or a lot treacherous. We have fog again this morning, but it’s because of warm air moving over colder water — at 68 degrees, I don’t have a chance for photos like this!


  2. Debra Farmer Post author

    Thank you Pam. I find my self not printing off photos anymore. When we used a roll of film, that was the only way to ever “see” a photo. Now it’s digital and we can see them right away and send them to others. That’s good and that’s bad. We will miss looking at photo albums, just not the same passing a phone around so others can see.
    How’s little Riley? Wylie would love to meet him.



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