Farmer Days Windmill

A windmill is something I have always wanted.  They stand as proud sentinels on the Kansas plains.


So many of them no longer operating and showing the ravages of time and weather.


When Wylie and I are out on the backroads, we occasionally (always) find a place to shop that has treasures from the past and present.  There is a great shop in Lucas, Auntie Gurtie’s Art & Antiques (please check out her page of Facebook!)  On a recent trip to Lucas, I finally got a windmill!!!

Unlike the time I asked Mr. Farmer to hang a galvanized bucket upside down in the chicken house for a chandelier, his reply “You want me to do what?”,  he liked the idea of hanging a windmill wheel on the outside wall of the house.  If you follow Pinterest you have probably seen these half wheels, they are very popular in decorating.

Mounting the half 6′ wheel required some thought on how to secure it so it wouldn’t rattle in the wind.  Mr. Farmer designed some brackets to hold it securely.


Wylie supervising from a safe distance.


The job was not without injury.  While cutting an anti-rattle device (plastic hose), Mr. Farmer cut his thumb.  He also designed his bandage!!


I love art work, especially re-purposed art!


Old sewing stand and sink.   A treasure from Julie’s Birdboxes in Lucas, KS

Here is a link to her page: Julie’s Birdboxes



19 thoughts on “Farmer Days Windmill

  1. Elizabeth

    Love your windmill purchase and the design you created. Ray is so good mounting your creations. One thing about a windmill some liked, others merely tolerated and that was the noise, as they did rattle and squeak
    24 hours a day if the wind was blowing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thanks Aunt Betty! Mr. Farmer did a great job hanging this. He even designed and fabricated the mounting brackets. No way is that windmill going any place.
      I can see where the rattling and squeaking windmill would be bothersome. Maybe that’s why so many of them are shot up!!


  2. Jessica

    And I just how to say, forget sisters- we must be long lost twins. I LOVE old churches, and I LOVE old windmills. When we’re at my folks, I always stop to photograph the beauties standing desolate in empty fields. ❤️

    Your creation is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person


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