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Weekend Trip

Herrington City Lake on a cold snowy day.  I saw a couple of eagles, but couldn’t get a good picture of them.


Cedar Point, KS


I liked the old bicycle by the door.




Cedar Point is located in Chase County, KS  Population 28

Drinkwater & Schriver Mill  This mill has been purchased and is currently being renovated.


Another Lark Inn property in Cottonwood Falls. This is Fox Hollow, as with all their properties, a wonderful place to stay!!  Comfortable 2 bedroom cottage, within walking distance to downtown Cottonwood.  We ate at Ad Astra Food and Drink, and also at the Grand Central Hotel, so good!!


A trip to this area wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

Lower Fox Creek School


Happy 5th Birthday Wylie

Happy Birthday Wylie!!!

I have help making Wylie’s birthday “cake”, buffalo patties with rice, spinach and carrots, “frosted” with mashed potatoes.  DSC02793DSC02801

Did someone take a bite out while I wasn’t looking?


Pumpkin Pup Pies

It’s been a busy day at Farmer Days today.  I’ve been doing some baking getting ready for Thanksgiving and Wylie and I have been walking and spending time outside as there is a change in the weather coming.   I found this recipe on the internet for a pumpkin pie for dogs (not that we have told Wylie that he’s one!) and decided that he needed something special for Thanksgiving.  I call them:

Pumpkin Pup Pies

3/4 cup flour (or gluten free flour)

1/2 cup oatmeal

1/4 – 1/2 cup water

16 oz canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)

1/2 banana

2 T plain yogurt

Mix oatmeal and flour ( I used 3/4 cup of oatmeal that I ground).  Add water slowly and mix, too much will make it sticky and not enough will crumble.


Roll the dough out and press into cupcake liner.


Bake 375 for 8 minutes or until firm and lightly browned.  Cool and remove crust from liners.




Mix pumpkin, banana and yogurt.


Fill the crust with pumpkin mixture.


Freeze until firm.  Wylie skipped the freezing and went straight to eating them!!!  Top with some yogurt to serve (will look like whipped cream).

Wylie Approved






Flint Hills

I always love spending time in the Flint Hills.  I stayed at another property owned by Lark Inn, as usual it was a very comfortable and certainly enjoyed our stay.

Lark Inn on Main, Cottonwood Falls, KS


On the way home I had planned on hiking at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, but the weather had changed and I wasn’t prepared for the cooler temperatures!  I did explore around the Lower Fox Creek School



2 Years Ago October

It’s been a rather slow week at Farmer Days.  Mr. Farmer is out of town and Wylie is “suppose” to be keeping quite and limiting his activities due to an injury, so I though I would look back to my photos from October 2013.  It SNOWED on October 18, 2013.  We could  use the moisture now, but I would like it as rain and not snow. I’m certainly not looking forward to winter.  Why is autumn so beautiful, but so short?!?  I hope you can get out and enjoy this beautiful day.






Dunlap, Morris County, KS

In March of 1874 a post office was established in Hillsborough, the next month it was renamed Dunlap after Joseph Dunlap, an Indian agent for the Kaw tribe.

Benjamin “Pap” Singleton chose Dunlap for his second Singleton Colony, as home for freedmen who had come from Tennessee because of available land under the Homestead Act.  Hundreds of Exodusters arrived in Dunlap.  The Presbyterian Church founded the Freedman Academy of KS to provide education to the settlers, however the school closed it’s door in the 1890’s.

Population in 1910 was over 300, during this time there was a blacksmith shop, hardware, grocery store, ice cream parlor, flour mill, butter and cheese factors, restaurant, bank, hotel, and numerous churches.

When the exodusters first arrived the white community resented them and they had separate schools, churches and cemeteries.  However by 1930, the white and blacks were no longer segregated and lived together peacefully in the beautiful Neosho River Valley.

Dunlap is currently home to approximately 30 people.

Main Street



Native stone sidewalk along Main Street



White Cemetery Dunlap, KS


Black Cemetery about 1 mile north of the white cemetery

Many of the headstones were native stones with no inscription on them




Landon Harness, last resident to be buried in Dunlap Black CemeteryDSC02123

On a road that is seldom traveled I came across this monument.  A beautiful tribute to a freedman who homestead this land.  Here is a link about Mr. Davis and his monument to his family.


DSC02134 DSC02125

Massive native stone cornerpost


The ground is so rocky that they drilled holes in the rocks to set the posts.



One of the largest Cottonwood Trees in Kansas

This is one of the largest cottonwood trees in Kansas.  It is located in El Dorado.  Pioneers used the cottonwood as building materials for cabins.  It was not the preferred wood as it is soft, weak, and porous.  It was chosen only when other sturdy woods were unavailable.  They reproduce from the “cotton” that the Kansas winds blow around like snow in the early summer.  Cottonwoods grow rapidly in ideal conditions, reaching 100 feet in 15 years.

Where’s Wylie????? (Look closely)


Can quite reach far enough.  I love those tree huggers:)


Rock City

Our grandchildren, Camryn and Caden, from Missouri spent a week with us.  One of the places we visited was Rock City, which is located south west of Minneapolis, KS.

The rocks are remarkable because of their great size and large number.  The spheriod masses are know as concretions.  Rock City has 200 sandstone concretions covering the area of approximately two football fields.  There are others throughout the world, but none are as large as they are at Rock City.


DSC01719 DSC01714 DSC01727 DSC01731 DSC01710


Castle Rock, Gove County, KS


Castle Rock, you have no idea what waits for you across this cattle guard and up the road.  It never ceases to amaze me how diverse and varied our landscape is across Kansas.  When people travel Western Kansas along I-70, most are speeding thru at 80 miles per hour, saying there isn’t anything to see or do in Western Kansas.  Slow down, get off the interstate, it’s beautiful.  I am posting more pictures than usual, this place really touched my soul.



DSC00836 DSC00839 DSC00844DSC00849 DSC00850 DSC00859

DSC00862 DSC00868 DSC00873 DSC00881 DSC00892 DSC00895

DSC00897 DSC00904 DSC00906 DSC00912 DSC00917

The chalk was deposited from an ancient inland sea.  There are seashells embedden in the rocks, that are so sharp, I had to carry Wylie.


DSC00923 DSC00929 DSC00933 DSC00934

Castle Rock is on private property, the roads are rutted and rugged.  Please be respectful.


Wylie, my partner in these adventures, on the way home.