Warm Weather = Cold Coffee

I love coffee, just smelling it brings me comfort and makes me smile.  With the warmer weather I’ve been wanting some iced coffee.  Just putting ice in my regular brewed coffee doesn’t taste the same as cold brew coffee. I assembled all the parts for my Toddy Cold Brew system, first you insert the cork stopper, (that is after you try to whittle down a wine cork, because you can’t remember where you placed it)  into the bottom of the container, then insert the filter.  Now you are ready to add the water and coffee!!!  To 12 ounces of coffee add 7 cups of water.  It smells divine.  You get to smell this for 12 hours.  Just leave it sitting on the countertop.

Bubbles? Fermentation?  I love fermented drinks:)


After 12 hours remove the cork stopper and place on top of the glass decanter and wait for it to filter.



It’s READY!  The coffee concentrate will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.  I dispose of the grind in my flower bed (and for future reference the cork is in the small canister!).


I put a bit of chocolate in my cup.  The add-ins are endless.  Sweetened condensed milk, french vanilla creamer, Kalua………….


The Toddy Cold Brew System is made in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Here is a link to their website and there are lots of recipes too.




8 thoughts on “Warm Weather = Cold Coffee

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I found the Toddy Cold Brew at my hometown bean roaster and liked it so much better than the Chain coffee house. It’s also great for hot coffee as all you need to do is add steaming water to the coffee concentrate. Best of both worlds.

      I’m headed over to your site to take a vacation to the beach!!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Hi Pam. Hope everything is going great for you guys and that you are having a wonderful spring (with a few snow storms mixed in). Are your peach trees doing okay? You certainly will have to check out the Toddy system, it is right next door. Love and Miss you.



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