Churches of the Prairie 3

Continuing with the series of Churches of the Prairie we are in Piqua, KS. Located in Woodson County, Piqua had it’s start in 1882 with the building of the railroad.  Population now is 107.

St. Martin’s Church 1920 – Piqua, KS  1920





Located west of Lindsborg, KS is the Freemount Lutheran Church.  Built in 1927 to replace the 1880 church that was destroyed by a fire caused by lightning.

Freemount Lutheran Church – Lindsborg, KS  1927



Excelsior Lutheran Church – Wilson, KS

In the middle of a wind farm along I-70


The unique design of the cross, no matter where you view it from, it’s a cross!  When I first photographed this, I though they were having services, but I couldn’t find any information on if they are still worshiping here.


St. Michael’s – Chapman, KS




2 thoughts on “Churches of the Prairie 3

  1. Jessica

    Oh my gosh, I love these. You know what’s funny? The Lutheran church design reminds me of some Lutheran churches back home and in Iowa. They were built in late 1800’s and early 1900’s as well.

    I love that picture with the arches and green walls!


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