Buffalo and Smithalo

On a hot summer day I can’t think of a better place to be than on the back roads of Kansas, (well maybe out on a lake or high on a cool mountain top) but here we were temperature 105, heat index 112, on the back roads.



Off the beaten path in a remote pasture in north Ottawa County, KS stands a sentinel over looking the vast prairie.  Known as the Smithalo, it is a 60 ton monument to the American Bison, built by Ray Smith with the help of his brother Chester in 1977-1978.

The monument can be seen from miles away.  It is on the right side of the hilltop.


Bull and Cow


Cow and calf



The monument is constructed out of steel, stone, and concrete.  There are lightning rods attached to the monument since it is the highest point for miles.


Mr. Smith started breeding buffalo in the 1960.  He also was know for at one time having lions, bears and camel.  He passed away in 1999.  He is buried by his beautiful monument to the American Bison.


All photos were taken with my Sony camera and zoom lens from the road.  I can only imagine how awesome it would be to stand by the monument and see the world from there!!  Hopefully I will get the chance to see it up close someday.





7 thoughts on “Buffalo and Smithalo

  1. Jessica

    Ok, first of all, 112? Yikes!! 🙂

    What an amazing post. I’d love to see that monument, too. There’s something so breath taking about the prairie.

    I bet those fellows would’ve had some stories to tell! Can you imagine lions and camels in Kansas?

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      1. Debra Farmer Post author

        We are ready for a break. Champ, one of our horses just came in and stood by the hydrant. He know that Mr Farmer will hose him off. He stands there while you rinse him off and when he’s cool he just walks away. Heat index is 105. So pleasant out. I can’t wait to start wearing sweatshirts and boots!!

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