Teterville & Teter Rock

On a hilltop in the Flint Hills of Greenwood County, stands a mammoth 16′ tall slab of rock that over looks the valley below.  In 1920 oil was discovered and the boom town of Teterville was born.  At one time it was home to more than 600 residents, supporting two general stores, a school, post office and housing for oil field workers and their families.  By 1960 – everyone and almost everything is gone.  All that remain is a few foundations.

It’s hard to imagine the vast prairie with wooden oil derricks towering around the countryside and the bustling town of Teterville.

Remains of a foundation in Teterville.


Located on a high point stands Teter Rock.  In the 1870’s James Teter used a pile of rocks to mark the way for pioneers to the Cottonwood River, those rocks were later used as building material.  In the 1950’s the Greenwood County Historical Society erected the present day monument.  A majestic tribute known as Teter Rock.  It was amazing standing by the monument looking out over 1,000’s of acres of beautiful Flint Hills.




Residents of Teter Rock


Wild mustang in the adjoining pasture


Thank you Dad for coming along with us on this adventure!  It was nice to finally have a break from the 100 degree temperatures and we could enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Flint Hills.  Enjoyed our lunch at Our Cassoday Country Store, we will have to go back on Catfish Friday!!  Thankful for our time together♥



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