Turned Into A Quick Walk

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in Kansas.  A perfect day for a walk in the sandy area just a few miles west of home.  Such a perfect place to walk, very isolated and so peaceful.



Perfect weather for everything to be out.  When I saw this track,  I thought “this is no bicycle track”  I picked up Wylie and we loaded up.  We’re out of here……………SNAKE

6 thoughts on “Turned Into A Quick Walk

  1. larryzb

    Wow that is beautiful. The first image is captivating in a way. My wife and I are considering retiring to north Texas, possibly to Lubbock. If so, we will be within reasonable driving distance to Kansas.


  2. shoreacres

    What beautiful blue skies! And I love the formations in the second photo. They look like they’re in the process of forming the hoodoos you see farther west. Love the color of the soil, too. And how nice that it allows you to see who else has been out cruising the neighborhood! I don’t know if it’s new, but I’ve heard hunters around here talking about getting rattlesnake vaccinations for their hunting dogs. It’s been snake city since the flood, especially around the marshes and the flooded timber.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Rattlesnake vaccinations, I didn’t know there was a preventive vaccine for snakes. That is a fear I have with Wylie, when we are in tall grasses I have him in a pouch.
      I can’t imagine all the snakes (and other varmints) that were displaced by the high waters. Watch where you step!

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