Maxwell Game Preserve

Mr. Farmer went to look at a piece of farm equipment and when he told me where he was going, of course Wylie and I wanted to ride along.  We had some extra time and so we drove through the game preserve.  So wonderful to see the buffalo and a few elk.

Even spotted some elk.

3 thoughts on “Maxwell Game Preserve

  1. shoreacres

    Oh, my! What a treat. I’ve never seen an elk in the wild. Antelope and bison, yes, and an occasional wolf or fox — but no elk. That would be quite a sight. I’m glad you got to make the trip, and I’m glad you shared your photos with us!

    I like seeing the bison in the fall landscape, too. Well, I guess it’s a winter landscape now. Still, they do look nice even with the brown grasses rather than green.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Sorry to say that the elk (or the bison) aren’t in the wild. Maxwell is a high fence preserve. Located south of Galva, KS, Every year in November they hold a public auction or sell off some of the bison herd. There is also a small state lake on the west side of the preserve and it even has a little cabin one can rent.
      Be sure to include a trip to Maxwell on your next visit to Kansas!!

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      1. shoreacres

        Shoot. If there’s elk around, that’s wild enough for me. 🙂

        Say Happy Birthday to Wylie for me, too. I just saw your post, and wondered if he got an elk cake again. He did! I think it’s so wonderful!

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